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Omega Four Seed Mix ORGANIC

Omega Four Seed Mix ORGANIC

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A great staple for every store cupboard. Our Organic Four Seed Mix is a lovely combination of nutritious seeds.  Choosing a mix of seeds is a nice way to save money and time by giving you a range of seeds in one handy bag.  This mix is great sprinkled on porridge, added to muesli mixes or baked into granola bars.

• Organic natural sesame seeds -  particularly high in calcium which makes them a popular choice.

• Organic pumpkin seeds - high in zinc which can be harder to obtain from a plant based diet

• Organic golden linseed / flaxseed - essential choice for any nutrient rich seed mix as it’s a source of fibre, B-vitamins and protein and actually one of the richest sources of plant based omega 3 fatty acids (also called alpha-linolenic acid – ALA)

• Organic sunfollowed seeds - high levels of vitamin E which and zinc protect the body from oxidative stress

Ingredients: 36.5% Organic Sunflower Seeds, 36.5% Pumpkin Seeds, 18% Organic Golden Linseeds, 9% SESAME Seeds

Allergens: ingredients in BOLD