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Puremess Body Scrub

Puremess Body Scrub

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Vegetarian / Vegan

Puremess beautifully scented body scrub (200ml) contains unrefined, virgin coconut oil, increasing hydration and reducing water loss in dry skin. This is combined with pink Himalayan sea salt which contains 84 minerals and is mined from ancient sea beds, so is pure from modern environmental toxins. Grapefruit essential oil has a positive effect on the lymphatic system, helping to detoxify your body.

• Increases hydration of the skin
• Reduces water loss in dry skin
• Helps to detoxify your body
• Leaves skin feeling incredibly smooth and soft

Ingredients:                                                                                                          Himalayan pink sea salt, organic, unrefined coconut oil, grapefruit essential oil, vitamin E

How to use:
Take two spoonfuls using the bamboo spoon provided which should be enough to scrub your whole body.  Warm in your hands and apply to upper torso and arms.  Repeat for legs and buttocks.  Pay special attention to any dry areas (i.e. elbows and knees).  Rinse off and feel how soft and rejuvenated your skin now feels. Please be careful not to slip in the shower or bath tub after use.